Photo Imaging News and Imaging Insider are comprised of a team of highly experienced people exhibiting a wide range of talents. Because we are an international company we work without boundaries or time zones. In order to assist you with your needs e-mail us directly. Or, for added convenience we  have a brief bios page below that includes each member’s contact information.

Photofinishing News, Inc. (PNI) and Imaging Insider provide global consulting services through Photofinishing News International Consulting Group and publishing/editorial services through Photo Imaging News.

We have earned worldwide recognition for our primary and secondary market research and business consulting services in the photo imaging and related fields to retailers, manufacturers, and print service providers worldwide for nearly 30 years. Our portfolio of highly experienced consultants located throughout the world enable us to review and analyze markets in every continent.

Twice a year our Syndicated Market Forecast program updates key industry data, including analog and digital equipment and output, dating from 2000 and forecasts through 2016 for 30 regions, sub-regions and individual countries.

We organize annual industry conferences on several continents under The International Business Forum umbrella featuring local and international speakers addressing the technical and business needs of the photo imaging community.



Don Franz has been involved in the photography / photofinishing industry for 40 years,covering both the consumer and professional segments. As Group Publisher of the Photofinishing News International Media Group, he is responsible for our periodicals, the International Business Forum conferences in China, Germany, India and the USA,various published reports and the Global Syndicated Market Forecasting Program, which tracks nine individual countries in the Asia-Pacific region as well as sub-regional trends. Don also writes for several international photo-imaging industry publications. He has been involved in many of the IS&T International Symposia on Photofinishing, and has spoken to numerous professional groups in the Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan,South Africa and the USA. Don frequently travels to international destinations, attending conferences and tradeshows as well as visiting photo industry members to help in his analysis of the local / regional markets.

Photo Imaging News
10915 Bonita Beach Rd #1091
Bonita Springs FL 34135 USA
tel: 239.992.4421 (GMT -5)
fax: 239.992.6328

Edit Liu has been deeply involved in the photo imaging industry for over 10 years, and with Photo Imaging News — Asia Edition since it was established in 2001. Edited serves as the team leader and has helped grow the magazine into the utmost prestigious industry journal in China as well as founding the first nationwide Photofinishers’ Association in China. She also oversees our extensive domestic market research activities. Before joining PIN-AE, Edith worked for many years in international trading, and in the hospitality and security industries. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Economics.

Photo Imaging News — Asia Edition
Room 1904, Tower C, No. 27, Yi Feng Bei Jie
Jiang Nan Da Dao Zhong, Guanzhou 510022 China
tel: +86.20.8922.8783 (GMT +6)

Abe Orlick was the founder and President/CEO of Davor Photo Inc., Key Color Inc. and Imagen Ltd. Abe has been a professional photographer for 50 years and has instructed at The Winona International School    and the West Coast School. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Photographic Arts & Science Foundation – International Photographic Hall of Fame & Museum and is a past Trustee of the Winona School of Professional Photography. Abe was a participating member of the PMA – PSPA Digital Guideline Committee. He has been the chairman of the PPA International Committee and has received the prestigious International Award, The George Harris Award and the IPC Award at the UN, for his extraordinary service to the international community.

Abe is a founding member, Past President of the World Council of Professional Photographers (WCPP). The WCPP is an international umbrella organization for professional photographer associations.

Under Abe’s stewardship the WCPP initiated “Imaging Futures,” a series of programs on electronic imaging. The series has been presented in the U.S., Israel, France, Ireland and Singapore. He has been instrumental in organizing major international meetings and conventions in The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Israel, and Austria. The main focus of Abe’s work with the WCP has been photographic education, copyright issues and the photographer’s rights in the ever changing IT environment.

Photo Imaging News
11664 E Caron Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85259 USA
tel: 480.551.3376 (GMT -8)
fax: 480.219.9370
mobile: 215.275.7863

Elmo Sapwater of Imaging Insider brings with him over 35 years of technical expertise and publishing experience. In the ’80s and ’90s Elmo demonstrated the effectiveness of combining still video / digital imaging within a newspaper environment; experimented with viable alternatives for digital submissions to image stock houses; as well as assisted in “The Day in the Life of America” book project. His other achievements include having design and developed an electronic photography platform for criminal investigative purposes, taught traditional / digital imaging at the college level; created the world’s first publication dedicated to digital imaging, editor of two U.S. photography magazines; and developed multimedia kiosks in Europe. Elmo has also photographed extensively throughout many areas of the world and is the current editor of Imaging Insider and Photo Imaging News.

Photo Imaging News
895 Stark Ave
Schenectady NY 12309 USA
tel: 678.778.0880 (GMT -5)

Anthony “Tony” Taylor is a graduate of the London College of Printing and Graphic Arts. Tony was involved in the introduction of Hell electronic color scanners to the Graphic Arts market at RCA Graphic Systems, later moving to the Rutherford Machinery division of Sun Chemical as Sales and Marketing Manager with responsibility for the introduction of Crossfield scanners to the USA. As President of Berthold Phototype, he was involved in the distribution of Berthold AG equipment and the introduction of phototypesetting machines – changing the marketplace from hot metal to phototype. Tony served as Vice President and Sales and Marketing at Colex Imaging, responsible for worldwide distribution. He is an accomplished convention speaker with published articles on the economics and justification of capital equipment acquisition as well as a guest speaker by major equipment companies in both the graphic arts and photo markets on sales techniques and strategies.


Photo Imaging News
West Orange, NJ
tel: 973.325.6848 (GMT -6)
mobile:  973.420.7459 (GMT -6)

Charlie Xu is considered among the few experts in China who truly know and understand different types of photo-taking and photo-making equipment, systems, and applications. Charlie also provides consulting, training and editorial writing services to imaging companies, minilabs and prolabs, and potential investors. He has been involved in the photo imaging industry for more than 8 years, and helped found Photo Imaging News — Asia Edition. Before joining the photo imaging industry, Charlie spent several years as a report in the audio industry.

Photo Imaging News — Asia Edition
Room 1904, Tower C, No. 27, Yi Feng Bei Jie
Jiang Nan Da Dao Zhong, Guanzhou 510022 China
tel: +86.20.8922.8783 (GMT +6)

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